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Ellie Smith emphasizes the value of understanding ones Personal Design and developing sustainable habits for the benefit of the individual, the home, and the planet. Her systematic and relational approach to helping each person find confidence in their unique visual identity, take ownership of their choices, and develop life-giving habits provides a clarity and ease that make getting dressed, going shopping, and managing ones wardrobe exciting again.







Look better. Shop smarter. Save the planet.
— Ellie Smith


Want to dress in a way that’s authentic, inspiring, and utterly unique? The foundation of all your aesthetic choices is your Personal Design.

Feel like you have too much damn stuff and somehow nothing to wear? Want to get the most out of what you already own? Wish you could shop smarter?

Challenged to find the perfect pieces to fill in the gaps of your wardrobe? Easily swayed by pushy salespeople? Don’t waste time or money. Don’t go it alone.