Ellie Smith is a Personal Stylist, Designer, and Style Wellness Expert based in Los Angeles, California. Ellie emphasizes the importance of healthy relationship with your body, your clothes, your space, and equips her clients with the knowledge, encouragement, and tools to achieve their goals. Identifying each client's specific needs and opportunities for greater efficiency, Ellie strategizes and successfully implements systems for stress-free shopping, creating a cohesive and affirming wardrobe, travel preparation, and fine-tuned organizational storage.  

Ellie is passionate about people. Her emphasis on Personal Design is rooted in her belief that each person is incredibly unique and valuable and that representing oneself authentically is not simply a surface level pursuit, but rather a character building necessity. 

Before starting her business, The Ladysmith, Ellie sold her one-of-a-kind and redesigned vintage line, Ladysmith Vintage, online and at flea markets in Silverlake, CA. Ellie gained valuable experience in the art of visual narrative as a Costume Designer after attending the University of Southern California School of Cinematic Arts.