"I recently started a new job as a trial lawyer where looking professional in front of judges and juries is of the utmost importance. I have always wanted to have that clean, put-together look, but was clueless about how to achieve it. I feared looking too old lady-ish and frumpy, but also worried that if I expressed my personality too much in my style that I wouldn't be taken seriously. After working with Ellie, I have a style that authentically reflects who I am, but also conveys that I mean business in the courtroom. Ellie set up a wardrobe system that allows me to easily mix and match pieces of clothing (so I don't have to spend time thinking about it) and taught me how to choose accessories and hair styles that tie my look together. Almost daily I receive compliments from co-workers on my outfits, which never happened before Ellie. She's even helped me find some cute and sexy weekend clothes that have improved my dating game! I highly recommend Ellie and can honestly say she is worth every penny. Working with Ellie has been life changing!"



"Hiring Ellie has saved me a ton of money! Not only did she help me sell the items I was ready to part with, she helped me stock my closet with a smart and versatile wardrobe. Now that I have something to wear to any occasion, and can easily get a recommendation if I'm looking for something new, there's no need for those impulse buys when I'm feeling dissatisfied with my clothes. I've become such a strategic shopper!"

Mrs. B


"The stress of figuring out the right outfit to wear and communicating the right style sense that aligns with my brand has been real. Having Ellie as my Stylist preparing me for shoots and jobs from head to toe (including consulting on make-up and hair cut/color/styling) has been the biggest relief! And it has no doubt helped my career too!"


Filmmaker and On-camera personality